everything you need

Whether you're setting off on a KLAVEM Surprise Travel or Set Destination, pick from our world of add-ons to make your travel exceptional.

1. select your trip

2. choose your add-ons

3. we handle the rest


Travel with one of our concierges/drivers or nannies available exclusively for you 24/7 to have a stress-free journey.


Set off with one of our 4G keys, mobile batteries, personalized Netflix or Spotify accounts to remain connected and entertained.


Let our team take care of any special equipment that you might need for your trip and travel with it or have it waiting for you at your arrival.


Make sure that you discover the local delicacies and dishes by having a private chef cooking exclusively for you.

Sports coach

Choose to have a local sports coach available whenever you want so that you can stay in shape during your holidays.


Leave a set amount of your choice of local currencies. Securely delivered to you at any moment before or during your travels.

If you need anything that's not on the list, we will find a way to provide it.